Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Fourth Newswatch-

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Fourth Newswatch-

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Toronto police say they have received unconfirmed reports of threats against some students at a private all-boys school in the wake of a police investigation into several hazing incidents and criminal charges against several students.

Police say they are monitoring social media and will act on any reports of reprisals, retaliation or threats of violence.

The warning came after investigators announced that six students of St. Michael's College School have been charged with assault, gang sexual assault, and sexual assault with a weapon in connection with an alleged on-campus locker-room incident that was recorded and shared online.

Three other alleged incidents that have come to light since last Monday are also being investigated. (4)



Two Nova Scotia nurses are hoping their trip to Geneva will shame the Canadian government into amending the Criminal Code to include "non-state torture" as a distinct crime.

Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson are appearing this week before the U-N Committee Against Torture in hopes of pressuring Ottawa to create a special criminal charge to cover extended campaigns of physical and emotional abuse by ordinary civilians that amount to torture.

The nurses argue that protracted abuse is a particular kind of crime that isn't captured by a charge of, for instance, aggravated assault. (4)



It's been a month since marijuana has been legal in Canada, but immigration lawyers and cannabis executives fear Canadians will forget the risks that marijuana use -- even in the past -- still pose for those crossing the border into the U-S.

Toronto-based immigration lawyer Henry Chang is bracing for a spike in cases of people who end up being banned outright from entering the U-S for owning up to using pot.

Customs and Border Protection officials have made it clear that anyone who admits to using pot prior to legalization day October 17th could be banned from entering the U-S. …

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