Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Kids Gobble Up Thanksgiving Fun

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Kids Gobble Up Thanksgiving Fun

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Thanksgiving is one holiday that stands alone with playmate cousins, school days off and family feasts.

There is still time for youngsters to get in on the fun. Whether it's helping out in the kitchen, making or adjusting decorations to be just right or even keeping everyone grateful, here are ways to make kids part of festivities.


With a big meal to cook, nibbles are sous chef or two. Share favorite dishes while introducing kids to treasured family recipes. Years of helping out will make whipping up their favorite foods second nature.

They also learn that the rewards are early tastings and camaraderie.

Cheese cut with a plastic knife and biscuits shaped with cookie cutters are new "perfects" for the holiday repast. Pick an easy, quick-fix recipe with plenty of activity to keep them busy. Even kitchen-slicing the turkey or ham will be a opportunity for pride for a collegiate who wants to carefully wield a knife under adult supervision, with an electric knife aiding the process.


If kids are better helpers outside the kitchen, put them in charge of setting and decorating the table. Those who are not expert table setters may need a reminder in how to fold napkins neatly and a quick refresher on cutlery.

Turkey Cones can be sized to provide a centerpiece or place markers that remind everyone at the table of the feast to be enjoyed.


It is important to remember that Thanksgiving abounds with more than just enjoying food with family and friends. It's also a perfect time to be mindful of everything in life that should receive thanks.

Many families engage in a tradition of leading or letting everyone note an item in a brief moment of (somewhat) silence. Give an example, then move to the little ones while attention is strong around the table. It may work to let each person be thankful for something about another dinner guest. …

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