Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

A Game to Instantly Fallout of Love With

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

A Game to Instantly Fallout of Love With

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Fallout 76 PC, XBOX One, PS4 MUCH like the nuclear wasteland in which it is set, the fallout from the release of Bethesda's newest game has not been pretty.

Fallout 76 is the franchise's first foray into multiplayer gaming, the action taking place in a vast, open world torn apart by nuclear war.

The problem is, that world is unstable, and incredibly buggy - and I'm not talking about mutated cockroaches.

The game starts with you being urged to leave your underground shelter, venture out and rebuild America from the nuclear ashes.

On your journey through Appalachia, you have to scavenge weapons and armour to help you survive not just the wasteland, but the mutants, robots and other monsters which now roam the Earth.

You must also manage your character's food and water intake to survive - and untainted provisions are hard to come by.

It sounds an exciting premise - and it should be - yet there are so many things wrong here it takes the shine away from the experience.

As a multiplayer, there are no AI characters (apart from the creatures, of course) in the wasteland - every other person you encounter is another player who, if you're lucky, will just ignore you and go about their business, or will be a lone wolf who attacks you.

The nuclear inhabitants however, are most decidedly hostile, so getting yourself armoured up is a priority.

It can be pretty lonely in the wasteland. With no supporting characters there's very little interaction, as most of the other gamers are racing around enjoying their own adventure.

But non-playable characters don't just provide cutaways and chatter, they provide an anchor, context, an inhuman voice that fleshes out the world you're inhabiting and helps immerse you in it.

You can group up as a team of four - although there's absolutely no incentive to do so, no special bonuses or way to form a faction to establish your own town.

Fallout fans who hate multiplayers will be pleased to know that this is still very much playable as a solo game - although you'll need to keep the internet connection active. …

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