Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Electronic Ballots with Paper Receipts

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Electronic Ballots with Paper Receipts

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Michael Shamos says that "Electronic Ballots are Better than Paper" (Dec. 21 letter), dismissing concerns about hacking and pointing out the shortcomings of paper-based systems.

What he neglects to mention is that the two are not mutually exclusive. We need a system where votes are entered electronically and the voter gets a paper receipt. The voter confirms that the receipt matches the votes cast and then drops it in a slot before leaving the polling station. The receipts are not counted unless there's a credible allegation of electronic vote-rigging.

We've had ATMs that give paper receipts of transactions for about 40 years. Why not ask the people who make ATMs? In fact, the largest maker of U.S. voting machines used to be a subsidiary of Diebold, the world's largest manufacturer of ATMs. They shouldn't have any problem coming up with a machine that's the best of both methods.



Give him a wall

President Donald Trump wants a wall, needs a wall. How about we give him a wall? I suggest we give him his wall and it will surround his Mar-a-Lago resort and golf club. It will be a beautiful, 50-foot wall with no gate to provide for his personal security.

Of course, it will be staffed by all-white, American citizens, then he won't have to worry about the bad guys from south of the border and the immigrants and Muslim extremists overrunning Europe who might make it into the U.S.

He will be able to hire the KKK and other supremacists to guard his wall from the hostile invaders.

When he is occupied golfing, we will be able to find a leader who will return this country, our country, to the stature we deserve in the international community and off the stage of the absurd.


Baldwin Borough

Sanitized past

Regarding the Dec. 18 editorial "A Heated Debate," which states, "In the end, society shouldn't attempt to sanitize our past - or our present - by burning the evidence of our flaws in a bonfire of political correctness. …

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