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Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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Pope Francis has warned bishops and religious superiors summoned to a landmark sex-abuse prevention summit that the Catholic faithful around the world are demanding more than just condemnation of the crimes of the clergy, but concrete action to put an end to the scandal.

Francis opened the four-day summit at the Vatican today by telling the Catholic hierarchy that their own responsibility to deal effectively with the crimes of priests who rape and molest children weighed on the proceedings.

He told the gathering of 190 leaders of bishops' conferences and religious orders to seize the opportunity to "transform this evil into a chance for understanding and purification.''(2)



Canadian advocates and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy worry that the summit at the Vatican is unlikely to produce many tangible results.

Professor David Deane at the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax says the disconnect between the Catholic hierarchy's priorities and those of abuse survivors is stark.

Canada's top bishop Lionel Gendron is at the summit and vows to emphasize the importance of believing victims.(2)



Hundreds gathered in Halifax's main city square last night in support of a Syrian refugee family that lost seven children in a house fire Tuesday.

Among the mourners was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who listened solemnly as the Barho children's names and ages were read aloud.

The Barho family was sponsored ahead of its arrival in Canada in 2017.

Pressure has been mounting for Ottawa to help to bring other relatives of the grieving, injured parents to Nova Scotia to help them through this tragedy.(2)



A new study finds people with developmental disabilities are more likely than the non-disabled to encounter problems with Ontario's health-care system, including dying younger, and languishing longer in hospital without plans for aftercare. …

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