Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Corporate Tax Reductions Causing Job Losses

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Corporate Tax Reductions Causing Job Losses

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Having dinner with a close friend recently, I learned that he had lost his very best business customer as a result of the company's decision to relocate their processing plant to Mexico. Through the course of the same conversation, my friend cited two additional Western Pennsylvania businesses that he are also relocating to points in Mexico and Central America.

Naturally, I found this news to be quite disturbing, not just for my friend's loss of a substantial revenue stream, but for the hundreds of local jobs that will be lost as well. The ramifications of income decline through job loss are exponential in events like these. If something this consequential is occurring in our small region, what effects are taking place around the entire country?

How is it that the corporate income tax reductions have largely resulted in companies leaving the country or buying back stock shares? The president that failed in keeping Carrier from moving jobs to Mexico seems equally apathetic and ill-equipped to do anything about hundreds more. I'm beginning to think that Donald Trump's covert interest in building his wall is really to keep Latinos and Americans alike from migrating south.

Alan Dunn

Squirrel Hill

Bad drivers

Pittsburgh drivers deserve their reputation as among the worst drivers in the country.

Strong winds recently knocked out many traffic lights. When traffic lights are out, drivers should treat intersections as a four-way stop sign.

Yet many drivers barreled through major intersections like Fifth and Negley avenues without even slowing down. They also do not seem to realize that when a traffic light is blinking red, it should be treated as a stop sign.

Josephine Olson

Squirrel Hill

FBI investigations

Eli Lake erred in his Feb. 22 op-ed, "Rod Rosenstein has Some Explaining to Do," when he concluded his column by writing that "No one elected James Comey, Andrew McCabe or anyone else at the FBI to lead the country. They work for the man who was elected to lead the country. …

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