Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Trebek Has Offered Consistent Entertainment

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Trebek Has Offered Consistent Entertainment

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The news of Alex Trebek`s serious illness is both sad and disheartening (March 7, "'Jeopardy!' Host Alex Trebek Discloses Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis"). As we all know, nothing in life is forever. But if ever there was one constant in the last 35 years, it is this man and this show. If you are a fan of "Jeopardy!", as I am, you could count on getting a well-organized and professional performance every evening. Mr. Trebek does the job with respect, humor and, of course, profound knowledge.

It is much too soon to say he will be missed because he vows to stick with it as long as his health allows. My blessings are with you, Alex, and may the Final Jeopardy be peaceful and long delayed.

Bill Schwartz


A guiding truth

I have grown to admire Keith Burris and I have been impressed with the diversity of opinions found on the Post-Gazette's op-ed pages. But I am concerned with Mr. Burris' philosophy as seen from his March 3 op-ed column "The War on Tolerance," which states, "Toleration is a practice based on a premise, the premise being that no one has the truth for there is no one truth."

How can one go through life without a guiding truth? That is intellectual laziness. And please consider this: Isn't the law our collection of truths? But perhaps using the law as an example is too broad, so let us take an extreme example on which a decision has to be made. How about a single truth from this retired Army sergeant: America does not condone torture. One would hope that this would be accepted as easily as to be considered common sense. But a lack of conviction, of truth, causes us to question that which should be innate.

And consider this: What body of knowledge should Americans have? Immigrants must pass a 100 question test to gain citizenship. By the simple requirement of a mandatory test haven't we acknowledged that there are certain concepts that we all treat as true?

Every day, we live our lives by certain truths that prick the conscience if violated. We do not steal, for example, and we do not lie. …

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