Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Great to Spot Woodpeckers

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Great to Spot Woodpeckers

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I DON'T know how many times I have heard the drumming of woodpeckers and then spent minutes trying to spot them, with no luck.

This morning I was out with Alfie, my dog, and I could hear some major knocking on wood in our local mini forest.

One tree was rattling away and another not too far away was doing the same, then a third tree joined in this wonderful chorus. Then I saw my first great spotted woodpecker of the year as it moved slowly up a branch, bashing away with its bill.

The drumming of telling partners that and looking Alan And I began to realise what all this energy was about, as another woodpecker came charging over for a row.

Actually, woodpeckers are really easy to spot when flying, because they dip and fly and dip and fly - it's a recognisable flight compared to other birds. It's more of a bounce than a flight.

So the second woodpecker came dipping in and the first bird flew up to meet it, to defend its territory.

That is what all the drumming is all about, marking territories in time for spring. It was wonderful to watch this natural battle for supremacy in our woods.

The drumming is also away of telling possible partners that 'I am here and looking for love.' .' It's all very exciting.

is a way possible That territory will have been well surveyed 'I am here for love' by the woodpeckers as they dig out holes in trees in broadleaf woodlands and parks.

Wright They will ensure that there is plenty of food there too, which will be insects and larvae. The woodpecker can probe with its bill and catch the insects with its sticky tongue.

These insects are a spring feast after a winter of eating berries and nuts, and occasionally visiting a garden bird table.

We once had a daily woodpecker visit on a bird table when we were staying at a holiday lodge in Dumfries and Galloway. It really made every day special at that particular time. …

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