Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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Quebec is dealing with tens of thousands of power outages as a result of yesterday's freezing rain and wind storm that hit much of the province.

Hydro-Quebec is reporting about 264-thousand homes and businesses are still without power this morning, with the most-affected regions being the Laurentians, Lanaudiere and Laval.

Ice-covered trees have caused countless branches and power lines to snap.

Hydro-Quebec says it is deploying every available crew to re-establish service as fast as possible, with additional crews coming from other areas to help.

Environment Canada warns travel could get trickier today with the accumulation of 15-centimetres of snowfall in southwestern Quebec, and freezing rain and snow moving into eastern Ontario as well.(2)



Immigrants and visible minorities are noticing a common theme among the significant pieces of legislation introduced by Quebec's C-A-Q government.

They are noticing the bills disproportionately affect them.

Bill 21, which bans some public-sector employees from wearing religious symbols at work, has drawn widespread criticism with Muslim women who wear the hijab expecting to feel it the most.

And Bill 17 overhauls a taxi industry that is heavily comprised of immigrants.

The director of a Montreal taxi company says abolishing a permit system will bring many of them into bankruptcy.(2)



Facebook and Instagram have banned six Canadian individuals and groups from the social-media platforms for alleged involvement in "organized hate.''

Those banned include one-time Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy.

The far-right political commentator provided sympathetic coverage for Rebel Media of the 2017 white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Also banned are the Canadian Nationalist Front and its white nationalist chairman Kevin Goudreau, Aryan Strikeforce, Wolves of Odin and Soldiers of Odin (also known as Canadian Infidels). …

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