Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Lack of Quality of Care from Upmc

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Lack of Quality of Care from Upmc

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Thank you so much to Karen Kane for writing so accurately about the Jeffrey Romoff UPMC debacle and how our region is being held hostage by one unprincipled, power-obsessed individual, devoid of empathy, a conscience or any regard for anyone. Mr. Romoff has hijacked our region, enabled by a spineless board of directors, similar to what Donald Trump has done with the great United States, enabled by the spineless Republicans.

Mr. Romoff's entire modus operandi is based on the bottom line and not quality of care.

Thank you so much for providing the necessary daylight on the Romoff enterprise, as it has strangled the population of our region for the sole purpose of enhancing one man's ego and power.


Point Breeze

Costly updates

Thanks for the April 14 story "Original Architect Critical of Airport Update." I share the concerns of Tasso Katselas that the proposed modernization of the Pittsburgh International Airport will be more costly than the $1.1 billion earmarked for the replacement of the landside building, new roads and a more than $200 million Taj Mahal parking garage.

As an example, the PG might briefly review other major county projects, comparing their original cost estimates versus what the actual final costs were. The list might include:

1. Three Rivers Stadium

2. David L. Lawrence Convention Center

3. Heinz Field

4. PNC Park

5. Pittsburgh International Airport - opened in 1992

For the airport board to say "no taxpayer funds" will be used for the new project is laughable. Who's paying for airline tickets with associated taxes, the parking fees, sales taxes, etc., each time travelers go to or from the airport?

Another topic of interest to readers relates to the airlines that were solicited to fly in and out of Pittsburgh. To my knowledge, every one of them agreed to come to Pittsburgh because a healthy subsidy was paid to the airline. …

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