Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

The Wi-Fi in Our Home Has Been Transformed

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

The Wi-Fi in Our Home Has Been Transformed

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ITH ve of us in the house, our wi-has to work hard.

Were's one bedroom where we could never get a signal and when we're all home using our devices at the same time we'd often nd the signal was dodgy in other parts of the house. Between us we have three phones, several laptops, a PC, a Switch, two iPads and the TV - so when the wi-goes down the arguments begin.

On a Friday evening, we come home, relax and I let the kids use their screens more. I don't know if it's a coincidence, but we'd always nd that was the worst day for the wi-! Leo loves to play Fortnite with his friends, which is obviously all online, and he'd often say: "You all need to come othe wi-so that I can play!" at was his genius solution, but it didn't solve the problem if I was trying to send an email or catch up on my favourite shows on Netix. In fact, we had to put a temporary ban on the PS4 recently because the arguments over the speed of the wi-were doing our heads in.

BIG DIFFERENCE But since we installed our BT Complete Wi-Fi I've noticed such a dierence. e signal hasn't dropped out once.

Upstairs in Stevie's room there was very little wi-, so Chris put the wi-disc near there and we've denitely noticed an improvement. It's not a massive house, but we still had that one weak spot. Stevie's 15 now, so he doesn't want to have to come down to the kitchen to use the wi-. Before we had BT DEAD Around 10 in the UK poor wi-in their Complete Wi-Fi, he'd go upstairs with his phone and he'd end up in our room because the signal's better there. Like any teenager, his phone's like an extension of his arm - he's constantly on it, streaming music, watching YouTube or catching up with friends.

He doesn't have much data, so it's gone in minutes and that's when he starts using our wi-instead. I think he's the happiest with it out of all of us because he's now got a reliable signal in his bedroom so he can have his privacy. …

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