Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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The federal government will release a 50-million-dollar national strategy on dementia today that focuses on preventing the affliction, supporting caregivers and finding cures.

Federal statistics show more than 419-thousand Canadian seniors have been diagnosed with some form of dementia and rely on an average of 26 hours a week of help from relatives and friends.

Most people with dementia and most caregivers are women. (2)



Quebec Premier Francois Legault's C-A-Q government used its majority to push Bill 21 into law Sunday night.

The contentious secularism bill bans teachers, police officers and other public servants in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols on the job.

It also forbids facial coverings by anyone giving or receiving a state service.

Earlier Sunday, the Quebec government passed another bill allowing it to force newly arrived immigrants to pass a French-language and values test to become eligible for permanent residency.

The federation of Quebec's chambers of commerce says Bill 9 "will lead to a better link between the skills of immigrants and those required for positions to fill in Quebec companies." (2)



Prisoner isolation -- declared unconstitutional 18 months ago -- will remain legal after Canada's top court granted Ottawa's urgent request to allow the current law to remain in force for the time being.

Friday's reprieve from the Supreme Court pending a full hearing sets aside an April ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal that would've made administrative segregation illegal after today.

The stay gives the federal government more time to enact a replacement regime aimed at fixing problems that prompted several courts to declare the current system a violation of the Constitution. (2)



A Boeing executive is apologizing to airlines and to families of victims of the 7-37 Max plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. …

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