Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Fourth Newswatch-

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Fourth Newswatch-

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In a devastating setback for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Britain's Supreme Court has ruled this morning that this month's suspension of the British Parliament was illegal.

The ruling is a major blow to the P-M who had suspended Parliament for five weeks in the countdown to the country's Brexit deadline in what was pitched as a routine closure to reset the agenda.

But all 11 judges on Britain's highest court ruled that Johnson's government had actually shut Parliament to squelch debate on its Brexit policy, and that the suspension was "void and of no effect."

Judge Brenda Hale says that means Parliament was never legally suspended and is technically still sitting.

The speaker of Britain's lower house, John Bercow, has welcomed the ruling and says Parliament must now "convene without delay."(4)



Despite vigorous activity on Twitter, the social-media company says it has not detected any large-scale attempts at disinformation or manipulation in Canada's federal election.

Twitter has made changes to its elections-integrity and disinformation-spotting policies, both as part of its own programs and in compliance with Canada's election laws.

It's focusing on misinformation about voting, such as accounts that spread wrong dates for ballot-casting, and has so far found none.(4)



The world's largest union of postal service operators has opened a three-day emergency meeting in Switzerland amid Trump administration plans to pull the United States out of a group it helped found 145 years ago.

The "extraordinary congress" of the 192-member Universal Postal Union is only the third since it was created to help smooth international mail deliveries.

The Trump administration insists some postal carriers like China's aren't paying enough to have foreign shipments delivered to U-S recipients. …

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