Newspaper article The Canadian Press


Newspaper article The Canadian Press


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With millions of Canadians living in high-pollution areas, scientists say they are troubled by the results of what is billed as the largest and most comprehensive study to look at the relationship between air pollution and mortality in Canada.

The study out of the University of British Columbia found there is at least a five per cent increase in the risk of death when comparing high- and low-pollution areas in Canada.

Researchers created an air pollution map and cross-referenced the data with anonymous Statistics Canada census information of more than nine million Canadians, their addresses and the death registry.

Canada is one of the few countries to meet World Health Organization air quality guidelines, but the study finds air pollution at any concentration is harmful. (The Canadian Press)



The American Academy of Pediatrics has released new guidelines for medical professionals who suspect a caretaker of a child may be impaired.

The report published in the journal Pediatrics describes the professional, ethical and legal obligations, and explains how to handle immediate risks

While focusing on impairment due to alcohol or substance use, the recommendations may also be applied to scenarios in which impairment stems from behavioural health issues, dementia or an unstable medical condition.

The U-S Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 8.7 million children live in a household with a parent with a substance use disorder. (ABC)



Climate change is having an effect on residents of rural villages in Alaska's far-north, where hand-built ice cellars have been used for generations to naturally age whale and walrus meat and keep it cold throughout the year.

The ice cellars -- ranging from small root cellars to spacious, wood-lined chambers -- are being rendered unreliable. …

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