New Publications in International Law

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New Publications in International Law


Dirdeiry M Ahmed, Boundaries and Secession in Africa and International Law: Challenging Uti Possidetis (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107117983

Mattias Ahren, Indigenous Peoples ' Status in the International Legal System (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198778196

Mauro Barelli, Seeking Justice in International Law: The Significance and Implications of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9781138017962

Alex Bellamy and Tim Dunne (eds), The Oxford Handbook of the Responsibility to Protect (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198753841

Kerstin Blome et al (eds), Contested Regime Collisions: Norm Fragmentation in World Society (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107126572

Curtis A Bradley (ed), Custom's Future: International Law in a Changing World (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107082670

Susan Breau, The Responsibility to Protect in International Law: An Emerging Paradigm Shift (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9781138830516

Paul Behrens, Diplomatic Interference and the Law (Hart, 2016) ISBN: 9781849464369

Sabino Cassese (ed). Research Handbook on Global Administrative Law (Edward Elgar, 2016) ISBN: 9781783478453

Philippe Couvreur, The International Court of Justice and the Effectiveness of International Law (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004312210

Christian Djeffal, Static and Evolutive Treaty Interpretation: A Functional Reconstruction (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107118317

Shahrad Nasrolahi Fard, Reciprocity in International Law: Its Impact and Function (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9781138119765

Jorg Fisch, The Right of Self-Determination of Peoples: The Domestication of an Illusion (Anita Mage trans, Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107688209

Jeremie Gilbert, Indigenous Peoples' Land Rights under International Law: From Victims to Actors (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004323247

James A Green, The Persistent Objector Rule in International Law (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198704218

C J Jenner and Tran Truong Thuy, The South China Sea: A Crucible of Regional Cooperation or Conflict-Making Sovereignty Claims? (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107081420

Vladyslav Lanovoy, About Complicity and Its Limits in the Law of International Responsibility (Hart, 2016) ISBN: 9781782259404

Natalino Ronzitti, Coercive Diplomacy, Sanctions and International Law (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004299887

Yuval Shany, Questions of Jurisdiction and Admissibility' before International Courts (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107038790

Jean-Marc Sorel and Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida (eds), Latin America and the International Court of Justice: Contributions to International Law (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9781138858572

Alejandra Torres Camprubi, Statehood under Water: Challenges of Sea-Level Rise to the Continuity of Pacific Island States (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004321601


Oddny Mjoll Arnardottir and Antoine Buyse (eds), Shifting Centres of Gravity in Human Rights Protection: Rethinking Relations between the ECHR, EU, and National Legal Orders (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9781138121249

Nehal Bhuta (ed), The Frontiers of Human Rights (Oxford University Press, 2016)ISBN: 9780198769279

Eva Brems and Janneke Gerards (eds), Shaping Rights in the ECHR: The Role of the European Court of Human Rights in Determining the Scope of Human Rights (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107618374

Carla M Buckley, Alice Donald and Philip Leach (eds), Towards Convergence in International Human Rights Law: Approaches of Regional and International Systems (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004284241

Audrey R Chapman, Global Health, Human Rights and the Challenge of Neoliberal Policies (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107088122

Evan J Criddle (ed), Human Rights in Emergencies (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107115835

Michelle Farrell, The Prohibition of Torture in Exceptional Circumstances (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781316603413

Aaron Xavier Fellmeth, Paradigms of International Human Rights Law (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780190611279

Colleen M Flood and Aeyal Gross (eds), The Right to Health at the Public/Private Divide: A Global Comparative Study (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781316507544

Benjamin Gregg, The Human Rights State: Justice within and beyond Sovereign Nations (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780812248050

Yves Haeck, Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiriboga and Clara Burbano Herrera (eds), The Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Theory and Practice, Present and Future (Intersentia, 2015) ISBN: 9781780683089

Courtney Hillebrecht, Domestic Politics and International Human Rights Tribunals: The Problem of Compliance (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107595774

Steven L B Jensen, The Making of International Human Rights: The 1960s, Decolonization, and the Reconstruction of Global Values (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107112162

Tahmina Karimova, Human Rights and Development in International Law (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9781138957138

David Jason Karp, Responsibility for Human Rights: Transnational Corporations in Imperfect States (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107567269

Lorenz Langer, Religious Offence and Human Rights: The Implications of Defamation of Religions (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107612204

Philip Leach and Alice Edwards, Parliaments and the European Court of Human Rights (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198734246

Jena Martin and Karen E Bravo (eds), The Business and Human Rights Landscape: Moving Forward, Looking Back (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107095526

Sally Engle Merry, The Seductions of Quantification: Measuring Human Rights, Gender Violence and Sex Trafficking (University of Chicago Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780226261287

Daragh Murray, Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Armed Groups (Hart, 2016) ISBN: 9781509901630

Aoife Nolan (ed), Economic and Social Rights after the Global Financial Crisis (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107618428

Barbara Oomen, Martha F Davis and Michele Grigolo (eds), Global Urban Justice: The Rise of Human Rights Cities (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107147010

Ben Saul, Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights: International and Regional Jurisprudence (Hart, 2016) ISBN: 9781901362404

Henry Shue, Fighting Hurt: Rule and Exception in Torture and War (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198767626

Pamela Slotte and Miia Halme-Tuomisaari (eds), Revisiting the Origins of Human Rights (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107107649

Jeroen Temperman, Religious Hatred and International Law: The Prohibition of Incitement to Violence or Discrimination (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107124172

Arne Vandenbogaerde, Towards Shared Accountability in International Human Rights Law: Law, Procedures and Principles (Intersentia, 2016) ISBN: 9781780683867


Vincent Chetail, International Law and Migration (Edward Elgar, 2016) ISBN: 9781781953181

Mary Crock, Refugees and Rights (Routledge, 2015) ISBN: 9781472455796

Catherine Dauvergne, The New Politics of Immigration and the End of Settler Societies (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107631236

Alice Edwards and Laura van Waas (eds), Nationality and Statelessness under International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781316601136

Eric Fripp, Nationality and Statelessness in the International Law of Refugee Status (Hart, 2016) ISBN: 9781782259213

Anne T Gallagher and Fiona David, The International Law of Migrant Smuggling (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781316507483

Eman Hamdan, The Principle of Non-Refoulement under the ECHR and the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004319387

Itamar Mann, Humanity at Sea: Maritime Migration and the Foundations of International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107148765

Penelope Mathew and Tristan Harley, Refugees, Regionalism and Responsibility (Edward Elgar, 2016) ISBN: 9781782547280

Roberta Mungianu, Frontex and Non-Refoulement: The International Responsibility of the EU (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107133570

Phil Orchard, A Right to Flee: Refugees, States, and the Construction of International Cooperation (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107431690


Kai Ambos, Treatise on International Criminal Law: Volume III--International Criminal Procedure (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780199665617

Artur Appazov, Expert Evidence and International Criminal Justice (Springer, 2016) ISBN: 9783319243405

Olympia Bekou and Daley J Birkett (eds), Cooperation and the International Criminal Court: Perspectives from Theory and Practice (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004304468

Serge Brammertz and Michelle Jarvis (eds), Prosecuting Conflict-Related Sexual Violence at the ICTY (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198768562

Catherine Brolmann and Yannick Radi (eds), Contemporary Issues Facing the International Criminal Court (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004304444

Antonio Cassese et al (eds), International Criminal Law (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9780415603188

Anuradha Chakravarty, Investing in Authoritarian Rule: Punishment and Patronage in Rwanda's Gacaca Courts for Genocide Crimes (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107084087

Christian De Vos, Sara Kendall and Carsten Stahn (eds), Contested Justice: The Politics and Practice of International Criminal Court Interventions (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107076532

Georgina Fitzpatrick, Tim McCormack and Narrelle Morris, Australia's War Crimes Trials 1945-51 (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004292048

Mayeul Hieramente and Patricia Schneider (eds), The Defence in International Criminal Trials: Observations on the Role of the Defence at the ICTY, ICTR and ICC (Nomos, 2016) ISBN: 9783848731374

Michael J Kelly, Prosecuting Corporations for Genocide (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780190238896

Mark Kersten, Justice in Conflict: The Effects of the International Criminal Court's Interventions on Ending Wars and Building Peace (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198777144

Geert-Jan Alexander Knoops, Mens Rea at the International Criminal Court (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004307872

Yvonne McDermott, Fairness in International Criminal Trials (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198739814

Simon M Meisenberg and Ignaz Stegmiller (eds), The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia: Assessing Their Contribution to International Criminal Law (T M C Asser Press, 2016) ISBN: 9789462651043

Sheri P Rosenberg, Tibi Galis and Alex Zucker (eds), Reconstructing Atrocity Prevention (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781107094963

Philippe Sands, East West Street: On the Origins of 'Genocide' and 'Crimes against Humanity ' (Penguin Random House, 2016) ISBN: 9780385350716

Serena Sharma, The Responsibility to Protect and the International Criminal Court: Protection and Prosecution in Kenva (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9780415507509

Richard H Steinberg (ed), Contemporary Issues Facing the International Criminal Court (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004304444

Milena Sterio, Prosecuting Juvenile Piracy Suspects: The International Legal Framework (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9781138839335

Nevenka Tromp, Prosecuting Slobodan Milosevic: The Unfinished Trial (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9781138961357

Krit Zeegers, International Criminal Tribunals and Human Rights Law: Adherence and Contextualization (T M C Asser Press, 2016) ISBN: 9789462651012


Nehal Bhuta et al (eds), Autonomous Weapons Systems: Law, Ethics, Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107153561

Miriam Bradley, Protecting Civilians in War: The ICRC, UNHCR, and Their Limitations in Internal Armed Conflicts (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198716389

Tom Coppen, The Law of Arms Control and the International Non-Proliferation Regime: Preventing the Spread of Nuclear Weapons (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004333161

Shane Darcy, Judges, Law and War: The Judicial Development of International Humanitarian Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107685529

Andrea De Guttry, Francesca Capone and Christophe Paulussen (eds), Foreign Fighters under International Law and Beyond (Springer, 2016) ISBN: 9789462650985

Alison Duxbury and Matthew Groves (eds), Military Justice in the Modern Age (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107042377

Markus Gunneflo, Targeted Killing: A Legal and Political History (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107114852

Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne, Detention in Non-International Armed Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198749929

Fabian Klose, The Emergence of Humanitarian Intervention: Ideas and Practice from the Nineteenth Century to the Present (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781 107075511

Rain Liivoja and Tim McCormack (eds), Routledge Handbook of the Law of Armed Conflict (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9780415640374

Konstantinos Mastorodimos, Armed Non-State Actors in International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law: Foundation and Framework of Obligations, and Rules on Accountability (Routledge, 2015) ISBN: 9781472456168

Kietil Mujezonovic Larsen, Camilla Guldahl Cooper and Gro Nystuen (eds), Searching for a 'Principle of Humanity ' in International Humanitarian Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781316500583

Hanspeter Neuhold, The Law of International Conflict: Force, Intervention and Peaceful Dispute Settlement (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004299917

Heike Niebergall-Lackner, Status and Treatment of Deserters in International Armed Conflicts (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004308831

Bo Viktor Nylund, Child Soldiers and Transitional Justice: Protecting the Rights of Children Involved in Armed Conflicts (Intersentia, 2016) ISBN: 9781780683942

Jens David Ohlin, Theoretical Boundaries of Armed Conflict and Human Rights (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107137936

Gregory Rose and Bruce Oswald (eds), Detention of Non-State Actors Engaged in Hostilities: The Future Law (Brill Nijhoff, 2016) ISBN: 9789004310636

Kenneth Watkin, Fighting at the Legal Boundaries: Controlling the Use of Force in Contemporary Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780190457976


Donatella Alessandrini, Value Making in International Economic Law and Regulation: Alternative Possibilities (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9781138936744

Jonathan Bonnitcha, Substantive Protection under Investment Treaties: A Legal and Economic Analysis (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107615953

Tomer Broude, Marc L Busch and Amelia Porges (eds), The Politics of International Economic Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107595712

Julien Chaisse and Tsai-Yu Lin (eds) International Economic Law and Governance: Essays in Honour of Mitsuo Matsushita (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198778257

Julien Chaisse and Sufian Jusoh, The ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement: The Regionalisation of Laws and Policy on Foreign Investment (Edward Elgar, 2016) ISBN: 9781785360015

Eric De Brabandere, Investment Treaty Arbitration as Public International Law: Procedural Aspects and Implications (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107670020

Panagiotis Delimatsis (ed), The Law, Economics and Politics of International Standardisation (Cambridge University Press, 2015) ISBN: 9781 107128330

Patrick Dumberry, The Formation and Identification of Rules of Customary International Law in International Investment Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107138520

Paolo Davide Farah and Elena Cima (eds), China's Influence on Non-Trade Concerns in International Economic Law (Routledge, 2016) ISBN: 9781409448488

Fabien Gelinas (ed), Trade Usages and Implied Terms in the Age of Arbitration (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780199916016

Steffen Hindelang and Markus Krajewski (eds), Shifting Paradigms in International Investment Law: More Balanced, Less Isolated, Increasingly Diversified (Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780198738428

Locknie Hsu, Trade, Investment, Innovation and Their Impact on Access to Medicines: An Asian Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107072732

Joanna Jemielniak, Laura Nielsen and Henrik Palmer Olsen (eds), Establishing Judicial Authority in International Economic Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107147102

David Kennedy, A World of Struggle: How Power, Law, and Expertise Shape Global Political Economy (Princeton University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781400880591

Matthew Kennedy, WTO Dispute Settlement and the TRIPS Agreement: Applying Intellectual Property Standards in a Trade Law Framework (Cambridge University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9781107144682

Meg Kinnear et al (eds). …

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(Einhorn, 1992, p. 25)

(Einhorn 25)

(Einhorn 25)

1. Lois J. Einhorn, Abraham Lincoln, the Orator: Penetrating the Lincoln Legend (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1992), 25,

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New Publications in International Law


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    "Portraying himself as an honest, ordinary person helped Lincoln identify with his audiences." (Einhorn, 1992, p. 25).

    "Portraying himself as an honest, ordinary person helped Lincoln identify with his audiences." (Einhorn 25)

    "Portraying himself as an honest, ordinary person helped Lincoln identify with his audiences." (Einhorn 25)

    "Portraying himself as an honest, ordinary person helped Lincoln identify with his audiences."1

    1. Lois J. Einhorn, Abraham Lincoln, the Orator: Penetrating the Lincoln Legend (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1992), 25,

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