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What is Questia?

The premier online research and paper writing resource
Questia has helped students find and cite high-quality, scholarly research since its founding in 1998. Combining a deep library of online books and articles, easy-to-use search engine and time-saving tools, Questia will help you research smarter, faster.

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Our library

Credible sources you can cite and reference
Questia offers quality sources selected by librarians and approved by professors, many of them peer-reviewed! Our library contains high-quality scholarly books, journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles. With more than 83,000 academic books and more than 10 million articles from more than a thousand of the world’s leading publishers, Questia is your single destination for academic and professional research – and nothing is ever checked out!

Peer-reviewed sources in a wide range of subjects
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • English and literature
  • Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • Political science

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Writing Center to help new and experienced paper writers

Tools to jump start your paper writing

  • Topic Idea Generator can help you brainstorm topic ideas and determine if there is enough research available to support them
  • Thesis Builder and Outline Builder - Write your own or use Questia's tools to help you generate one
  • Bibliography - automatically generate one based on your research

9 Steps to writing a research paper to guide you through the process

  • At a glance, see what is involved with writing a paper
  • Find tips and guidance for each step along the way

Interactive Research Tutorials to help you with key elements of writing a paper

  • Built by instructors, these interactive tutorials offer additional insights into specific elements of writing a research paper such as primary vs secondary research, evaluating sources of research, avoiding plagiarism, proper citation and more
  • 50 videos, 50 learning activities, 100 quizzes – start, stop and resume them at your own pace
  • Instructors can assign and schedule any of the research tutorial videos, learning activities, quizzes plus readings from the Questia library to their students, tracking their progress and success along the way

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Our research tools

Tools to streamline your research process
Questia provides time-saving research tools, like automatic bibliography creation, highlights, notes, citations and more, all designed with the research process in mind.

Highlight and save text in six different colors as you read.
Add notes for yourself directly to book pages or articles.
Easily return to any page in any book in our library.
Automatically generate bibliographies in MLA, APA or Chicago format.
Cite passages, pages or entire articles instantly.
Project Folders
Project folders
Everything is saved in custom projects that you create, name and organize.

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